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The HealerHow Shinya Yamanaka Transformed the Stem-Cell War and Made Everyone a Winnerby William SaletanSlateOctober 9th, 2012Shinya Yamanaka's research on "induced pluripotent stem cells" earned him a Nobel Prize. But much of the media coverage missed half the story. Yamanaka’s venture wasn’t just an experiment. It was a moral project.
Proposed New Gene Manipulation Technique in IVF: Is it Safe? Needed? A Precedent to Designer Babies?by Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesOctober 2nd, 2012Is a new “3-parent baby” fertility technique a way to avoid terrible disease, or a dangerous form of human experimentation?
'Single Gene May Hold Key to Life Itself'by Nathaniel ComfortHuffington PostSeptember 23rd, 2012"Gene for..." headlines may be a symptom of, or catalyst for, Americans' infatuation with controlling life.
California and the Fourth Amendment[Editorial]The New York TimesSeptember 18th, 2012The New York Times editorializes on California's law requiring police to take DNA samples from people arrested but not yet convicted of felonies: "It is unconstitutional."
Feel-Good Surrogacy?: The New Normal Tackles ARTs with Lighthearted Banterby Jessica CussinsBiopolitical TimesSeptember 17th, 2012The New Normal showcases a lighthearted vision of surrogacy and gay parenthood that has moving moments, but largely misses the mark.
Most of What you Read was Wrong: How Press Releases Rewrote Scientific Historyby John TimmerARS TechnicaSeptember 10th, 2012ENCODE's definition of "functional" leads to misleading media coverage of the role of junk DNA.
Yet Another Study Claims to Find Politics in Our Genes by Jessica CussinsBiopolitical TimesSeptember 6th, 2012A study on genes and political identity comes out just in time for the presidential election, but says little that’s new.
New Ice Age for Wellbeingby Rachel BrowneThe Sydney Morning HeraldAugust 5th, 2012A number of Australian IVF clinics tout egg freezing and storage for healthy women in their 30s who want a baby but are not yet ready to conceive.
Life: Digital and Synthetic?by Daniel SharpBiopolitical TimesJuly 20th, 2012As Craig Venter unveils his newest plan to create life from scratch, questions about what this means and the consequences of doing so abound. What is life? A strange – perhaps obtuse – question. But the answer has profound consequences for how we as a society come to grips with novel biotechnologies.
Ethics Schmethics Says Ethicistby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJuly 19th, 2012The approach of the Olympics sparks the usual flood of pro-enhancement articles, notably an interview with Julian Savulescu.
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