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New Ice Age for Wellbeingby Rachel BrowneThe Sydney Morning HeraldAugust 5th, 2012A number of Australian IVF clinics tout egg freezing and storage for healthy women in their 30s who want a baby but are not yet ready to conceive.
Life: Digital and Synthetic?by Daniel SharpBiopolitical TimesJuly 20th, 2012As Craig Venter unveils his newest plan to create life from scratch, questions about what this means and the consequences of doing so abound. What is life? A strange – perhaps obtuse – question. But the answer has profound consequences for how we as a society come to grips with novel biotechnologies.
Ethics Schmethics Says Ethicistby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJuly 19th, 2012The approach of the Olympics sparks the usual flood of pro-enhancement articles, notably an interview with Julian Savulescu.
"Tainted Families" Ancient and Modernby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJuly 11th, 2012Paul Lombardo has well summarized the use of the "Jukes family" myth to promote eugenics, in the 19th, 20th and now 21st century.
Survival of the Fastest?by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJuly 10th, 2012Michael Johnson, the legendary athlete, recently made global headlines for suggesting that black American and Caribbean sprinters have a "superior athletic gene."
DNA Sells! (But don't give people ideas) by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJune 26th, 2012Madonna, the maven of media manipulation, deftly harvests headlines by denying fans her DNA.
Craig Venter’s Bugs Might Destroy the Worldby Daniel SharpBiopolitical TimesJune 22nd, 2012A recent article in The New York Times Sunday Magazine hypes Craig Venter and synthetic biology as green solutions to the world’s woes. The real story is what the article missed.
Designer Babies in Popular Cultureby Jessica CussinsBiopolitical TimesJune 21st, 2012The Whitest Kids U’Know’s comedic parody of genetic counseling is reminiscent of a similar scene in GATTACA.
Baby Contest: Couples Compete for Free IVF — Is This Exploitation or Generosity? by Bonnie RochmanTIME HealthlandJune 19th, 2012The Sher Fertility Institute selected 3 couples out of 45 who submitted emotionally wrenching videos in order to win a free IVF cycle. For one judge, choosing her favorites felt like "playing God."
Let's Get Real on Synthetic Biology by Claire Marris and Nikolas RoseNewScientist.comJune 11th, 2012As the race to build life from scratch pushes on, hyperbole drowns out nuanced discussion. We need more wide-ranging dialogue.
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