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Gene of the Week: Attack on the "Warrior Gene"by Jillian TheilBiopolitical TimesMay 11th, 2011In an effort to expose the “blame-it-on-our-genes-craze,” John Horgan at Scientific American takes a closer look at the so-called warrior gene.
Media Passes Gene Test, Parents Flunkby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesApril 21st, 2011Parents interested in having their own genes tested also want to test their kids, but the media reports quote experts recommending against routine testing of children for adult-onset diseases.
Breast Cancer Gene Case Has Another Day in Court by Eric Hoffman and Jaydee Hanson, Biopolitical Times guest contributorsApril 7th, 2011A US appeals court hears arguments in a high-profile case challenging human gene patents.
More Arguing About Human Gene Patents in Courtby Doug PetBiopolitical TimesApril 7th, 2011A Federal Court of Appeals panel heard oral arguments in the Myriad case, but gave no hint of its decision; either way, many expect it to go to the Supreme Court.
Gene of the Week: Christianityby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesApril 1st, 2011Gay scientists are reported to have isolate the 'Christian gene' and to have successfully removed it from experimental rats.
FDA Considers Regulation of DTC Gene Tests, Setting Blogs Ablaze by Jillian TheilBiopolitical TimesMarch 17th, 2011Supporters and critics of direct-to-consumer gene tests debate an FDA advisory panel’s recommendations to conduct them in medical settings.
New film depicts a genetically engineered, anti-gay future by Doug PetBiopolitical TimesMarch 17th, 2011Nisha Ganatra’s Beholder depicts a future in which children are genetically designed and homosexuality is screened out of the population.
What is it about people who want to clone dogs?by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesMarch 9th, 2011Another eccentric character is paying $310,000 to have two dogs cloned in Korea.
Donor-Conceived Children Look for Their Own Biological Historyby Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesMarch 2nd, 2011A feature story in Newsweek highlights the growing trend for donor offspring to assert their right to know their genetic origins.
Criminal Surrogacy Ring Exposed in Thailandby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesMarch 2nd, 2011Police in Thailand have broken up a criminal operation, apparently based in Taiwan and with an office in Cambodia, that sold the services of Vietnamese women as surrogates.
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