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German campaign to stop DNA database expansion, now in English by Emily StehrBiopolitical TimesJuly 7th, 2011Human Q-tips are the symbol of the Gene-ethical Network's campaign to curtail the ever-expanding German DNA database
Are Skewed Sex Ratios In America’s Future? by Osagie K. ObasogieBiopolitical TimesJune 30th, 2011Might technological shifts turn Americans’ preference for sons into a full-blown son preference?
NY Bill to Expand DNA Database Stalls in Legislatureby Emily StehrBiopolitical TimesJune 30th, 2011Lawmakers argue over access to the state’s forensic database instead of addressing underlying concerns about DNA evidence reliability and individuals’ rights.
Promoting a Genetic Basis for Crimeby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJune 23rd, 2011An article in the New York Times celebrates a misguided trend toward genetic explanations for crime.
Honorary Degree For Henrietta Lacksby Osagie K. ObasogieBiopolitical TimesJune 9th, 2011One of the most interesting ways in which Lacks has been recognized is the granting of a posthumous honorary degree (doctorate of public service) by Morgan State University
The Consequence of Unnatural Selection: 160 Million Missing Girlsby Marcy DarnovskyMs. Magazine BlogJune 6th, 2011Mara Hvistendahl's new book provides a deeper understanding of sex selection around the world and makes an urgent case for confronting it.
Toward a More Nuanced Science Journalismby Gina Maranto, Biopolitical Times guest contributorMay 29th, 2011Science journalism needs greater awareness of sociological, philosophical, and science studies approaches to science and policy.
Axing Gamete Donor Anonymity: British Columbia Ruling Reflects Growing Global Conversation by Jillian TheilRH Reality CheckMay 26th, 2011A British Columbia judge has ruled that anonymity for gamete donors in the Canadian province is unconstitutional.
Annals of Human Genetics Does A Little “House Cleaning.” Sort Of.by Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesMay 19th, 2011In a former incarnation, a well-respected scholarly journal promoted eugenics. It has now put its archives online.
Exoskeleton Helps UCB Student Walk for Graduation: Disability Justice or Cyborg Fantasy?by Emily BeitiksBiopolitical TimesMay 18th, 2011A new invention for paraplegics allows a UCB grad to walk to accept his diploma, but the device comes with disability clichés and transhumanist potential.
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