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Celebrating Our Bodies Ourselvesby Doug PetBiopolitical TimesSeptember 29th, 2011A series of public events marks the 40th anniversary of Our Bodies Ourselves.
Turning 40, Going Globalby Gina Maranto, Biopolitical Times guest contributorSeptember 28th, 2011Born in Boston, Our Bodies, Ourselves has become an international force for women's rights.
Scrambled Yeast: Breakthrough or Just More Hype?by Emily BeitiksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 15th, 2011The alluring notion that synthetic biology "breakthroughs" will soon enable us to rebuild genomes to desired phenotypic ends may be out of sync with the true state of our knowledge.
Sperm Donor Siblings: Family Trees, Invisible Rootsby Doug PetBiopolitical TimesSeptember 8th, 2011The New York Times reports that some fertility clinics use sperm from “popular” donors over and over again, in one case creating 150 related offspring.
Yet Another Idea for Using Biotechnology to Rescue Endangered Speciesby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 8th, 2011Scientists have reprogrammed skin cells from two endangered species into stem cells, and hope to use them to generate gametes, which has provoked press speculation.
Noteworthy Victory Against Genetic Discrimination Goes Unnoticed by Emily BeitiksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 8th, 2011The California Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act has now been signed into law, but press coverage has been non-existent.
Science Magazine Boosts Synthetic Biologyby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesSeptember 7th, 2011A special feature in Science magazine is devoted to promoting synthetic biology.
The Problem with Twin Studiesby Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesAugust 26th, 2011Slate's Brian Palmer critiques the proliferation of scientific findings based on twin studies that claim to isolate the genetic underpinnings of human behavior.
Race and bio-patents don't mixby Doug PetBiopolitical TimesAugust 3rd, 2011The Washington Post ran a piece drawing heavily on Jonathan Kahn's recent work, which examines how US patent procedure is forcing race into genetic and medical research.
The Abortion Trap: How America's obsession with abortion hurts families everywhere[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by Mara HvistendahlForeign PolicyJuly 26th, 2011How America's obsession with abortion hurts families everywhere.
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