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DNA Deceptionby Emily RamshawTexas TribuneFebruary 22nd, 2010Texas's program of newborn blood sampling has transferred hundreds of infant blood spots to an Armed Forces lab to build a national registry, without parental consent.
Partial Matches Allowed in New Yorkby Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesFebruary 13th, 2010New York’s Commission on Forensic Science has recently approved the use of partial matches in state criminal investigations.
Sex Selection: Tools for Actionby Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesFebruary 10th, 2010Information, political education activities, and policy suggestions for reproductive rights and justice advocates.
New Rule Allows Use of Partial DNA Matchesby Jeremy W. PetersNew York TimesJanuary 24th, 2010New York has become the latest jurisdiction to permit the controversial familial matching of DNA for forensic evidence.
Surrogacy Battles Expose Uneven Legal Landscapeby Nathan KoppelWall Street JournalJanuary 15th, 2010Surrogacy remains a relatively uncommon pathway to parenthood, in part because it still rests on a somewhat shaky legal ground in parts of the country
Reparations for Eugenics Victims Stall in North Carolinaby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesJanuary 5th, 2010The Winston-Salem Journal reports that there's been negligible progress in issuing the allocated reparations.
Eugenics damages yet to be paid out[North Carolina]by James RomoserWinston-Salem JournalDecember 26th, 2009State money allocated for sterilization victims still has not been spent, and no substantive progress has been made on a special foundation that is to be established.
State Stem Cell Funding Possibly In Jeopardy [Connecticut]by Arielle Levin BakerHartford CourantDecember 14th, 2009With a looming budget deficit, state stem cell funding could be in jeopardy.
For Sale: Human Eggs Become a Research Commodityby Katherine HarmonScientific AmericanOctober 31st, 2009A decision to pay for eggs for stem cell studies sparks debate.
[Ohio] Bill will allow DNA testing on arrestby Sharon CoolidgeCincinnati EnquirerSeptember 5th, 2009A controversial measure to expand the collection of DNA samples to those arrested on felony charges has passed the Senate and been endorsed by the governor.
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