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Payments for Victims of Eugenics Are Shelvedby Kim SeversonThe New York TimesJune 20th, 2012North Carolina’s effort to compensate people who were sterilized under a widespread eugenics program that stretched into the 1970s all but died in the State Senate on Wednesday.
Policy Group’s Study Shows At Least 38 Wrongful Convictions Likely in Old Virginia Casesby Associated PressThe Washington PostJune 18th, 2012A new study of archived DNA samples has found that wrongful convictions in Virginia are higher than thought, especially in sexual assault cases.
Gene Patent Case Ramps Upby Amy MaxmenNature News BlogJune 15th, 2012The ACLU has filed additional documents in its lawsuit challenging patents on DNA in preparation for a hearing next month by a federal appeals court.
A Moment of Judicial Sanity on DNA Forensicsby Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesJune 13th, 2012The Maryland Court of Appeals recently ruled that collecting DNA samples upon arrest is unconstitutional – a decision that runs counter to many other states’ decisions to expand their DNA databases through such tactics.
N.C. House Approves Measure Compensating Victims of Eugenics Programsby Lynn BonnerNews ObserverJune 5th, 2012In a 86-31 vote, the state House approved a measure that will compensate people sterilized by a state authority over four decades ago.
Bill Banning ‘Sex-Selective Abortions’ Fails in the Houseby Ed O'KeefeWashington PostMay 31st, 2012A measure to ban abortions based on the sex of a fetus failed to pass in a House vote. Opponents of reproductive rights will try to use the vote against Democrats.
Maryland Law Enforcement Agencies Still Collecting DNA Samplesby Yvonne WengerBaltimore SunApril 25th, 2012Despite a recent court ruling by the state's top court, Maryland police say they will continue to collect DNA samples from people arrested but not convicted for certain crimes.
$10.3 Million for Eugenics Compensation by Herbert L. WhiteCharlotte PostApril 25th, 2012North Caroliona Governor Bev Perdue’s proposed budget will include $10.3 million for people involuntarily sterilized by the state.
Md. High Court Strikes Down DNA Collection at Arrest by Yvonne WengerBaltimore SunApril 24th, 2012Defying government and law-enforcement interest in expanding DNA profiling, Maryland's high court rules that collection of DNA at arrest violates civil rights.
The Texas Two-Step: New State Regs Allow Stem Cell Companies to Circumvent FDA Evaluations by Daniel SharpBiopolical TimesApril 19th, 2012New regulations in Texas allow stem cell corporations to circumvent FDA review, raising concerns for health and safety.
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