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In Fighting Crime, How Wide Should a Genetic Net Reach?by Natasha SingerThe New York TimesJuly 24th, 2010Privacy and equal protection concerns are raised by the latest criminal investigation technique called "familial searching."
Patricia Williams on DNA Databasesby Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesApril 6th, 2010In her latest column for The Nation, Columbia Law Professor Patricia Williams offers an insightful critique of a burgeoning law enforcement practice: taking and retaining DNA samples from individuals arrested for a crime regardless of whether they are ever charged or convicted.
The ultimate betrayalN.C. eugenics survivors seek justice by Lara TorgesenIndy WeekMarch 24th, 2010Thousands of North Carolina residents were forcibly sterilized as part of the state's eugenics policy. The survivors are seeking justice before they die.
Is a DNA Scan a Medical Test or Just Informational? Views Differby Andrew PollackNew York TimesMarch 22nd, 2010Whether the consumer genomics services are indeed medical tests or - as 23andMe contends - merely informational, is not just a regulatory issue. It is a business question, too.
Eugenics: Remembering History and the Living Victimsby Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesMarch 12th, 2010New initiatives in North Carolina and Canada aim to confront the legacy of 20th-century eugenics.
States retain infant DNA after tests [Minnesota]Genetic sample raises privacy issuesby Brian OjanpaMankato Free PressMarch 6th, 2010In many states, babiesí DNA is stored indefinitely in government labs, which has resulted in a spate of lawsuits.
Foundation to aid victims of N.C. eugenics campaignby Herbert L. WhiteThe Charlotte PostMarch 4th, 2010People who were sterilized against their will under a North Carolina law now have an advocate.
Egg donors could face new restrictions [Arizona]by Howard FischerArizona Daily SunMarch 3rd, 2010State senators voted to require warnings to women who provide eggs for other people's fertility treatments.
Human cloning ban passes Senate [Arizona]by Luige del PuertoArizona Capitol TimesMarch 1st, 2010The Arizona Senate passed a referendum that would ban human cloning in Arizona, despite opposition from lawmakers who said the bill is a waste of time because it addresses an imaginary problem.
DNA Deceptionby Emily RamshawTexas TribuneFebruary 22nd, 2010Texas's program of newborn blood sampling has transferred hundreds of infant blood spots to an Armed Forces lab to build a national registry, without parental consent.
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