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New Report on Regulating Assisted Reproductive Technologiesby Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesJuly 24th, 2009A new report takes on the question of whether government should regulate assisted reproductive technologies and, moreover, whether such regulation would be constitutional.
New York to Pay Women to Give Eggs for Stem Cell Researchby Rob SteinWashington PostJune 25th, 2009New York has become the first state to allow taxpayer-funded researchers to pay women for giving their eggs for cloning-based stem cell research.
"A bad idea whose time has apparently come"by Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesJune 23rd, 2009New York's stem cell program breaks with an international consensus, putting women's health at risk in order to pursue a discredited line of research.
NY to pay for eggs for researchby Elie DolginThe ScientistJune 17th, 2009New York has become the first and only state to pay women for eggs for cloning-based stem cell research
New York: OK to pay for eggs for stem cell researchby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesMay 19th, 2009The New York state stem cell research program is pushing the payment-for-eggs envelope further.
Prosecutors Block Access to DNA Testing for Inmatesby Shaila DewanNew York TimesMay 17th, 2009Prosecutors are using new arguments to get around laws enabling convicted inmates to get a DNA test.
Moving in the Wrong Directionby Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesApril 22nd, 2009In recent weeks, both Nevada and Colorado are pursuing state laws that would place arrestees’ DNA in forensic databases, right next to profiles from convicted felons.
F.B.I. and States Vastly Expand DNA Databasesby Solomon MooreNew York TimesApril 18th, 2009Law enforcement officials are vastly expanding their collection of DNA to include millions more people who have been arrested or detained but not yet convicted,
Bill to Ban Human Cloning Signed by Governor (Montana)KFBBApril 1st, 2009A bill to ban human cloning in the state of Montana has officially been signed by Governor Schweitzer.
Stripped down embryo bill passes Georgia Senateby Matt SchaferSouthern VoiceMarch 20th, 2009Georgia lawmakers passed a bill regulating the creation of embryos
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