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Longevity Gene Debate Opens Trans-Atlantic Riftby Nicholas WadeNew York TimesSeptember 21st, 2011A trans-Atlantic dispute has opened up over the "longevity gene." British scientists say it is “nearing the end of its life,” but the Americans say the approach remains as promising as ever.
Eugenics Victim, Son Fighting Together for Justiceby Allen G. BreedABC NewsAugust 15th, 2011Eugenics victim and son see long struggle for justice and recompense on verge of bearing fruit.
Sperm Donor's 24 Kids Never Told About Fatal Illnessby Susan Donaldson JamesABC NewsJuly 21st, 2011Guidelines indicate that donated sperm cannot have any "relevant communicable disease or agent," but there is no limit on how many donations can be made nor is there any sharing of medical information between the donor and the child's family.
NY Bill to Expand DNA Database Stalls in Legislatureby Emily StehrBiopolitical TimesJune 30th, 2011Lawmakers argue over access to the state’s forensic database instead of addressing underlying concerns about DNA evidence reliability and individuals’ rights.
Victims of state's eugenics program win sympathyby Regina WangNewsobserver.comJune 23rd, 2011From the 1920s to the 1970s, the North Carolina Board of Eugenics oversaw the sterilization of nearly 7,600 people.
Missed opportunities at California stem cell research agencyby Michael HiltzikLos Angeles TimesJune 7th, 2011The state agency that funds stem cell research has failed to address criticism that its research is too narrow and its governance overly secretive, and that it has lacked integration with the state's overall research investment.
Illinois Bill Could Allow State To Collect DNA From Those Presumed Innocent, Marking Nationwide Shift by Will GuzzardiWashington PostMay 26th, 2011If Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signs House Bill 3238, it will mark a turning point in the national landscape on DNA collection.
Another Expansion of DNA Databases: South Korea Collects DNA from Labor Unionistsby Jillian TheilBiopolitical TimesApril 14th, 2011South Korea is expanding its DNA database to include labor activists, which is proving controversial, while the US and other countries try to define the scope of their own.
State Budgets and Expiring Patents: A Perfect Storm for Revisiting Human Subjects Research With Prisoners?by Osagie ObasogieBiopolitical TimesApril 13th, 2011Experts note that it's "panic time" for Pharma. Are conditions changing in a manner that might lead to a future where drug companies look to prisons to populate their clinical trials?
Behind the New Arizona Abortion Ban by Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesApril 7th, 2011The Arizona law that bans abortion for reasons of sex or race is part of a larger strategy to undermine abortion rights.
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