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How to Tell When A Drug Company Fibs About Clinical Trial Resultsby Adam FeuersteinThe StreetJuly 3rd, 2012Osiris Therapeutics "disappeared" important data when it announced results of a study of a stem cell therapy in heart attack patients.
Arizona High Court Limits Analysis of Juvenile Defendants' DNAby Howard FischerArizona Daily StarJune 28th, 2012Analyzing the DNA samples of juveniles who have not been found guilty of any crime is an unconstitutional warrantless search, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled.
North Carolina Survivors of Eugenic Sterilization are Passed Over Againby Jessica CussinsBiopolitical TimesJune 28th, 2012The North Carolina Senate has turned down compensation for living victims of the state-sponsored forced sterilization program that continued into the 1970s.
Will the FDA Close Down Celltex? by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesJune 28th, 2012An FDA report itemizes 79 specific problems with the Texas stem-cell company Celltex, and more trouble may be on the way.
Stop and Frisk -- and DNA Test? by Jason SilversteinHuffington PostJune 22nd, 2012Taking DNA samples from people arrested, but not convicted of a crime, has the potential to make our already racially biased justice system even more problematic.
Surrogacy Gives Birth to IndustryOregon's Medical Advances, Willing Mothers Attract International Clients Who Bring Cash With Their Dreamsby Peter KornPortland TribuneJune 21st, 2012Couples from around the world looking for surrogate gestational carriers have discovered Oregon, with its liberal surrogate laws and highly rated reproductive medicine clinics.
Judge Says Montana Parents Can Sue Over Lack of Genetic Testingby The Associated PressGreat Falls TribuneJune 21st, 2012A Montana couple who say they would have aborted their pregnancy if they knew the child would be born with cystic fibrosis are suing their healthcare providers for not conducting a more thorough genetic screening.
The Burden of Enforcing GINA: EEOC v. Nestle Illustrates One Challenge in Pursuing Genetic Discrimination Claimsby Jennifer K. Wagner and Dan VorhausGenomics Law ReportJune 20th, 2012A recent court case demonstrates the challenges of enforcing the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.
Informed Consent: A Broken Contractby Erika Check HaydenNature NewsJune 20th, 2012As large-scale genetic research has become faster and cheaper, more and more personal genetic data collected for one purpose ends up being used for another.
Payments for Victims of Eugenics Are Shelvedby Kim SeversonThe New York TimesJune 20th, 2012North Carolina’s effort to compensate people who were sterilized under a widespread eugenics program that stretched into the 1970s all but died in the State Senate on Wednesday.
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