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Diane Tober in the News

A Conception Conundrum[Quotes CGS's Diane Tober]by Jennifer BleyerPsychology TodayNovember 4th, 2013Many donor-conceived children voice "genetic bewilderment" about their origins. Can the trend towards open-identity donation address these existential concerns?
Eggs for Cash: Pitting Choice Against Riskby Diane Tober and Francine CoeytauxRH Reality CheckSeptember 4th, 2013The debate about a recent payment-for-eggs bill in California illustrates tensions among reproductive rights and justice advocates about what it means to be pro-woman.
Brown Vetoes Bill Allowing Women to Sell Eggs for Research[Quotes CGS's Diane Tober]by Alex MatthewsCapitol WeeklyAugust 14th, 2013California Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed the controversial legislation. “Not everything in life is for sale nor should it be,” his veto message began.
The Henrietta Lacks Story and Eggs, Money and Motherhood[Quotes CGS's Diane Tober]by David JensenCalifornia Stem Cell ReportAugust 7th, 2013The legacy of Henrietta Lacks should resonate within the stem cell industry, as well as with Governor Brown, who has a bill on his desk to permit women to sell their eggs for research.
Viewpoints: Risks are Many in Paying Women to Donate Eggsby Diane Tober and Nancy Scheper-HughesThe Sacramento BeeJuly 16th, 2013As scientists in California delve more deeply into stem cell research and reproductive science, it is essential that women donating their eggs for research not be exploited or put at risk. A bill on the governor's desk would do just that.
Veto Campaign Launched on California Pay-for-Eggs Bill[Quotes CGS's Diane Tober]by David JensenCalifornia Stem Cell ReportJuly 12th, 2013Opponents of the California pay-for-eggs bill have kicked off a campaign to urge Gov. Jerry Brown to veto the industry-backed legislation.
Should Women Make a Profit on Donating Their Eggs For Research? [With CGS's Diane Tober]by Larry MantleKPCCJune 20th, 2013The amount of money a woman can receive for donating eggs for research in California could shoot up from hundreds of dollars to thousands if a new law passes the state Senate.
California Bill Poised to Lift Restrictions on Egg Donation[Quotes CGS's Diane Tober]by Charlotte SchubertNatureJune 18th, 2013If California passes AB926 it would overturn a 2006 state law that prohibits payments for research eggs beyond direct expenses, put in place to prevent donor coercion and minimize health risks.
Motherhood Deferred: Freezing Your Eggs[With CGS's Diane Tober]by Judy CampbellKQED ForumMay 31st, 2013What are the benefits and risks of freezing eggs? A discussion with CGS's Associate Executive Director, a journalist, and a reproductive endocrinologist.
There's More to Life Than Freezing Your Eggs[Quotes CGS's Diane Tober]by Jacoba UristThe AtlanticMay 14th, 2013Suddenly, it seems, everyone is singing the praises of egg freezing as the latest cure for a woman's declining fertility, but it isn't quite the panacea the media would have you believe.


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