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December 21, 2007

2007 was a year of unexpected technical developments in stem cell research, all-too-predictable innovations in retail genomics, new twists in the commerce of baby-making, dismaying appearances of eugenic and racist ideologies, and more. Here's a look at some of the key events in human biotechnology over the past twelve months.

2007 in Review: Reprogramming the Stem Cell DebateGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007Last month's dramatic news that ordinary cells can be "reprogrammed" to act like embryonic stem cells has already shifted the science of stem cell research. Logically, it should also shake up stem cell politics.
2007 in Review: Googling Your GenesGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 20072007 witnessed a sharp spike in the availability and marketing of direct-to-consumer genetic products - and in controversy about it.
2007 in Review: Scientific Racism ReduxGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007Scientific racism - the idea that racial disparities in social outcomes can be explained by biological or genetic traits - made a striking comeback this past year.
2007 in Review: Controversy Escalates at California Stem Cell ProgramGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007Despite a major court victory in May, the California stem cell research program spent much of 2007 dealing with stumbles and scandals.
2007 in Review: The Baby Business Makes NewsGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007The commerce of reproductive technology took some disturbing new twists this year.
2007 in Review: Eugenics: Remembered. Re-imagined. Revived?Genetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007This year marked notable anniversaries in eugenics, which also made an appearance in U.S. popular culture. And then there was James Watson.
CGS Event: Shannon Brownlee on OvertreatedGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007Shannon Brownlee spoke at the offices of CGS at a December 14 event co-sponsored by the New America Foundation.
Book Review: Richard Hayes on Babies by Design and Enhancing EvolutionGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007In the latest issue of The American Interest, CGS executive director Richard Hayes reviews two books that advocate for human inheritable genetic modification: Babies by Design by Ronald M. Green and Enhancing Evolution by John Harris.
New from CGS: A Reproductive Justice Framework for Assisted ReproductionGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007CGS' Gender and Justice Program has released a new document that provides basic background information on assisted reproductive technologies and offers a reproductive justice perspective on them.
The Latest from Biopolitical TimesGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007Gene of the Week: Will You Vote? and Goozner and the Integrity in Science Project on Conflicts at the FDA
CGS in the NewsGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007Undue Influence at the Stem Cell Institute, Shrink-Wrapped Genes, and more
Other News and ViewsGenetic CrossroadsDecember 21st, 2007Jennifer Swift on eggs for stem cell research, Annalee Newitz on 23andMe, and more


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