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Jesse Reynolds in the News

Marin Voice: Student guinea pigs at Cal?[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds and Marcy Darnovsky] [Opinion]by Alan MillerThe Marin Independent JournalAugust 23rd, 2010The best of plans do often go astray. Data from this study could be good for the university, but not end up serving the best interests of the students.
UCal Berkeley Pulls Back Freshman Gene Tests[Quotes CGS's Richard Hayes and Jesse Reynolds]GenomeWebAugust 13th, 2010The University of California at Berkeley will significantly modify its plan to run genetic tests on 5,000 incoming freshmen
UC-Berkeley Drops Part Of DNA Testing Program [Mp3 audio][Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Sarah VarneyNPR Morning EditionAugust 13th, 2010The University of California, Berkeley is dropping part of the program to comply with state health regulations.
UC Berkeley waters down DNA testing[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Victoria ColliverSan Francisco ChronicleAugust 13th, 2010Under pressure from state public health officials, UC Berkeley today said it will not allow participating students to receive personal results.
UC Berkeley drops plans to release personal genetic information to incoming freshmen[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Lisa KriegerSan Jose Mercury NewsAugust 12th, 2010The University of California Berkeley has dropped plans to release personal genetic information to incoming freshmen.
UC Berkeley drops part of gene-scanning program[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Marcus WohlsenAssociated PressAugust 12th, 2010University officials said they would abide by state finding that the voluntary gene scans must be treated as medical diagnostic tests.
Campus DNA Testing Program Will Not Release Individual Results[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Emma AndersonThe Daily CalAugust 12th, 2010UC Berkeley's controversial plan to test incoming freshman's DNA will no longer give provide individual students with their results
FDA: Gene Tests Need Premarket Approval[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Bridget M. KuehnJournal of the American Medical AssociationJuly 14th, 2010Direct-to-consumer genetics companies will need to submit their products for approval by the Food and Drug Administration.
Medicine agency stays immune to budget cuts[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by Katie WorthSan Francisco ExaminerJuly 11th, 2010The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has not faced the budget cuts other programs in California have encountered.
FDA calls for genetic tests crackdown[Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds]by David GellesFinancial TimesJune 13th, 2010The US Food and Drug Administration has called for regulation of companies selling personal genetic tests after one laboratory mixed up the results of nearly 100 clients.
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