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FDA Halts 23andMe Personal Genetic Testsby Marcy Darnovsky and Jessica CussinsMedical Laboratory ObserverMarch 10th, 2014After a series of setbacks, what will the future hold for direct-to-consumer genetic testing?
Genetically Modified Babiesby Marcy DarnovskyThe New York TimesFebruary 23rd, 2014An advisory committee of the Food and Drug Administration is set to consider radical biological procedures that, if successful, would produce genetically modified human beings. This is a dangerous step.
California Controversy: Let's Not Expand the Market in Women's Eggsby Marcy Darnovsky and Susan Berke FogelHuffington PostSeptember 3rd, 2013California Governor Jerry Brown's veto of a bill that would have allowed researchers to pay women for having their eggs harvested was warmly welcomed by women's health and public interest groups.
A Slippery Slope to Human Germline Modificationby Marcy DarnovskyNatureJuly 9th, 2013The United Kingdom’s decision to trial the technique of mitochondrial replacement is premature and ill-conceived.
Lieber Adoptierenby Marcy DarnovskyThe EuropeanJune 26th, 2013Die Keimbahntherapie weckt falsche Hoffnungen. Den Nutzen, den sie für eine winzige Minderheit bedeuten könnte, wiege das hohe Risiko keineswegs auf.
The Bleak New World of Prenatal Geneticsby Marcy Darnovsky and Alexandra Minna SternThe Wall Street JournalJune 12th, 2013Like so many other powerful technologies, fetal gene tests must be used with caution and care.
Who should own DNA? All of us[Op-Ed]by Marcy Darnovsky and Karuna JaggarLos Angeles TimesApril 12th, 2013You can't patent the sun; why should you be able to patent human genes?
Eugenics Fear Over Gene Modification[Letter to the Editor]by David King et al.The GuardianMarch 15th, 2013The benefits of mitochondrial replacement are heavily outweighed by the risks to the child and to society.
Letters to the Editor of "Contraception" in Response to Coeytaux, Darnovsky, Fogel Responses by Francine Coeytaux, Marcy Darnovsky, and Susan Berke Fogel; Kirsten Moore; Rogerio Lobo; and R. Stan Williams.
Cloning Technology: Control the Bonanza for Research Eggs[Letter to the editor]by Marcy Darnovsky, Susan Berke Fogel, Judy NorsigianNatureDecember 1st, 2011The demand for women’s eggs for research could soar alarmingly following a report of a new cloning technique.
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