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An Emerging ConsensusHuman Biotechnology Policies Around the Worldby Richard HayesScience ProgressNovember 6th, 2008The international community is developing policies that support embryonic stem cell research and embryo screening for medical purposes, but oppose human reproductive cloning, embryo screening for non-medical purposes, and genetic “enhancement.”
Genetically Modified Humans? No Thanks.by Richard HayesWashington PostApril 15th, 2008New human genetic technologies have real potential to help prevent or cure many terrible diseases. But if misapplied, they would exacerbate existing inequalities and reinforce existing modes of discrimination. If more widely abused, they could undermine the foundations of civil and human rights. In the worst case, they could undermine our experience of being part of a single human community with a common human future.
Self-Made ManReview of Babies by Design: The Ethics of Genetic Choice by Ronald M. Green and Enhancing Evolution: The Ethical Case for Making People Better by John Harrisby Richard HayesThe American Interest (January - February 2008)CGS's executive director reviews two books that advocate human inheritable genetic modification.
Beyond the Embryo FightA recent stem-cell breakthrough negates the need for research using human embryosby Richard HayesLos Angeles TimesNovember 22nd, 2007The debate over cloning embryos for stem cell research has been one of the most divisive and unpleasant public controversies of the last decade. Now we have a chance to put the cloning debate behind us.
Our Biopolitical Future: Four Scenarios [PDF]World WatchFebruary 28th, 2007CGS Executive Director Richard Hayes's essay is the cover story of the March/April issue of World Watch magazine. The four scenarios, which cover the years between 2007 and 2021, are Libertarian Transhumanism Triumphs, One Family, One Future, A Techno-Eugenic Arms Race, and For the Common Good.
A Majoritarian Proposal for Governing Human Biotechnologyby Richard HayesBioethics ForumJanuary 3rd, 2007CGS's Executive Director reviews a proposal for comprehensive oversight of human biotechnologies, recently issued by Francis Fukuyama and Franco Furger.
Opinion: A truce in the stem cell wars?by Richard HayesSan Francisco ExaminerNovember 24th, 2006"The contentious midterm elections clearly left a mark on the politics of stem cell research, but it’s not clear what the mark signifies."
Richard Dawkins: Breed humans like cows, horses and dogs?by Richard HayesBiopolitical TimesNovember 24th, 2006Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins suggests that we entertain the possibility of breeding human beings as we do cows, horses and dogs.
Does the Senate vote on stem-cell research matter?YES: It's a step toward needed oversight and regulationby Richard HayesSan Francisco ChronicleJuly 19th, 2006"In the United States, stem-cell research is being conducted in a federal regulatory vacuum. This stands in stark contrast to the situation in most of Europe, Canada and Australia, where comprehensive national systems of oversight have been established."
Stem Cell Cautionby Richard HayesTom PaineMay 24th, 2006"I'm worried because in their over-the-top enthusiasm for stem cell and cloning research, Democrats are ignoring the many ways in which it could, if irresponsibly promoted and inadequately regulated, have consequences at odds with core Democratic values."
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