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Could Glow-in-the-Dark Tobacco Plants Light Up the Living Rooms of the Future?by Kristin HohenadelSlateJanuary 15th, 2014St Louis biotech company Bioglow has developed a genetically modified tobacco plant that glows in the dark, as a first step towards a world in which our highways and homes might be illuminated with the luminescent glow of plant life.
Cloning comebackby David CyranoskiNature NewsJanuary 14th, 2014Ten years ago, Woo Suk Hwang rose to the top of his field before fraud and dodgy bioethical practices derailed his career. Can a scientific pariah redeem himself?
China cloning on an 'industrial scale'by David ShukmanBBC NewsJanuary 13th, 2014Their cloning methods may not be novel, but the application of mass production is. And BGI has ambitions to sequence the genomes of a million people, a million animals and a million plants.
The Case Against De-Extinction: It’s a Fascinating but Dumb Ideaby Paul R. Ehrliche360January 13th, 2014Even if reviving extinct species is practical, it’s an awful idea. It would take resources away from saving endangered species and their habitats and would divert us from the critical work needed to protect the planet.
The Case for De-Extinction: Why We Should Bring Back the Woolly Mammothby Stewart Brande360January 13th, 2014Restoring long-gone species is a goal worth pursuing, with real benefits for conservation and our sense of the natural world.
Aiming to Push Genomics Forward in New Studyby Andrew PollackNew York TimesJanuary 13th, 2014Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, a fast-growing biotech company, is undertaking an ambitious new genomics effort with a health care provider that treats 3 million people in Pennsylvania.
Testing times for the consumer genetics revolutionby Donna DickensonNew ScientistJanuary 13th, 2014With the highest-profile seller of $99 genetic tests under fire, will public trust in personalised medicine suffer?
DNA Dreamingby Jessica CussinsBiopolitical TimesJanuary 13th, 2014A new documentary looks at the Chinese company that styles itself "the world’s largest genomics organization,” and its hunt for the genetic basis of intelligence.
After 23andMe, Another Personal Genetics Firm Is Charged with False Advertisingby Dina Fine MaronScientific AmericanJanuary 11th, 2014The Federal Trade Commission says GeneLink, which served 30,000 customers, made claims not based on science and failed to protect consumer information.
DNA evidence in Grim Sleeper case was taken legally, judge rulesby Paresh DaveLos Angeles TimesJanuary 7th, 2014A judge ruled that it was lawful for DNA evidence to be obtained from a pizza slice by a police officer posing as a busboy.
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