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Myriad Genetics Refuses To Accept That People Have A Right To Access Their Own DNA Sequencesby Glyn MoodyTech DirtJune 13th, 2016The fight for a patent over people's DNA sequences has been met with resistance by the US Supreme Court and the ACLU.
Are DIY gene-testing kits a good idea?​ by Sharon BrennanThe Guardian June 13th, 2016Over-the-counter tests can predict the likelihood of developing illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. However, they cause some people anxiety, as there are no cures for most hereditary conditions.
Now They’re Sequencing DNA in Outer Spaceby Antonio RegaladoMIT Technology ReviewJune 10th, 2016Eyeing eventual Mars mission, NASA plans first test of genetic diagnostics in space.
Better Mitochondrial Replacement: But Why? by Ricki LewisPLOSJune 9th, 2016Mitochondrial replacement raises questions around necessity and efficacy, as the relatively new process manipulates embryos.
Lab-grown mini-guts open door to personalised medicineby Tarek BazleyAl JazeeraJune 9th, 2016Dutch researchers have used the organoid technology to choose medication tailored for individual patients.
The National Academies’ Gene Drive study has ignored important and obvious issues by Jim ThomasThe Guardian June 9th, 2016Some important gaps in the study include an analysis of militarization and commercialization, along with other possible consequences of gene drives.
Interview: “Democratic deliberation” and bioethicsby Nelson Michael & Xavier SymonsBioEdgeJune 8th, 2016A conversation with Nelson Michael about the state of bioethics in the US now and in the future.
Genetically engineered bugs to fight malaria and Zika? Not so fast, experts sayby Joel AchenbachThe Washington PostJune 8th, 2016The use of "gene drive" technologies threaten incalculable harm to ecosystems worldwide.
‘Silicon Valley arrogance’? Google misfires as it strives to turn Star Trek fiction into realityby Charles PillerSTAT NewsJune 6th, 2016Google biotech employees affiliated with Silicon Valley industries over-promise on cancer treatment technology called Tricorder.
Gene editing technique could transform future [citing CGS' Marcy Darnovsky]by Fergus WalshBBC NewsJune 6th, 2016Companies propose technologies that raise questions of access and inequality.
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