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October 20, 2006 Newsletter

Genetic Crossroads
October 20th, 2006

California Victory: Standards and Safeguards on Eggs for ResearchGenetic CrossroadsOctober 20th, 2006California has become the first U.S. state to legislate a set of standards and safeguards for procuring women's eggs for cloning and stem cell research. The new law is a victory for women's health, for protection of research subjects, and for responsible science.
After the Hwang Scandal: Korean Women's Groups Hold International ConferenceGenetic CrossroadsOctober 20th, 2006CGS's Emily Galpern spoke at two events on women and human biotechnology organized by South Korean feminists in September. The forums, intended to increase international discussion of women's health in the face of research cloning, brought speakers from the U.S., the UK, India, and South Korea to address audiences of Korean women's health advocates.
Stem Cells in Election Season: Surprisingly Low ProfileGenetic CrossroadsOctober 20th, 2006
California Stem Cell Agency Moves to Dampen ExpectationsGenetic CrossroadsOctober 20th, 2006
Better Late than NeverScientists Discuss Risks of Egg ProcurementGenetic CrossroadsOctober 20th, 2006For the first time, stem cell scientists have convened a meeting to discuss what is and is not known about risks to women who undergo egg extraction.
Calls for a Moratorium on Food from Cloned AnimalsGenetic CrossroadsOctober 20th, 2006A coalition of health, environmental, animal safety, consumer and religious groups has filed a petition with the Food and Drug Administration aimed at the agency's pending decision on allowing meat and milk from cloned animals into the U.S. food supply.
Survey of Fertility Clinics: Selection Technologies Widespread in the U.S.Genetic CrossroadsOctober 20th, 2006Half of U.S. fertility clinics that offer the embryo screening technique known as PGD say they allow couples to use it to choose the sex of their child, according to a survey recently released by the Genetics and Public Policy Center and published in the journal Fertility and Sterility.
Showdown on Research Cloning in AustraliaGenetic CrossroadsOctober 20th, 2006Like Missouri, Australia is also debating the legality of cloning for stem cell research. But in contrast to the debates in the United States, the dialogue in Australia is remarkably open, and contains much less of the exaggerated rhetoric seen here.
CGS NewsGenetic CrossroadsOctober 20th, 2006
Other NewsGenetic CrossroadsOctober 20th, 2006


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