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English Lab Ready to Clone Embryos for Stem Cellsby Stephen S. HallNew York TimesOctober 12th, 2004This profile of the lab in the UK which will be conducting that nation's first research cloning experiments notes, among other things, that the UK does not intend to abide by any international convention prohibiting research cloning.
Genetics bill on the way after long labour (New Zealand)by Kevin TaylorNew Zealand HeraldOctober 5th, 2004Eight years after its first introduction, a bill to regulate assisted reproductive technologies - including bans on reproductive cloning, IGM, and sex selection for social reasons - is ready for floor debate.
The Great Stem Cell DivideThe science and politics of stem cell researchby Michelle L. BrandtStanford Medicine MagazineSeptember 30th, 2004The science and politics of stem cell research and Prop. 71
Discussing the ethics of altering human genesby Charles BurressSan Francisco ChronicleSeptember 30th, 2004At an event sponsored by the UC Berkeley Knight Program in Science and Environmental Journalism, CGS's Marcy Darnovsky and author Bill McKibben spoke to an overflow crowd about the challenges of the new human genetic technologies and California's Prop 71.
Brazil delays GM crops and cloning billby Luisa MassaraniSciDev.NetSeptember 24th, 2004A bill that would regulate a range of biological procudes, including cloning, has been delayed. The original bill would ban human cloning and all embryonic stem cell research. A proposed alternative would allow the research with IVF embryos.
Germany's Ethics Council Rejects CloningDeutsche WelleSeptember 13th, 2004"The National Ethics Council in Germany announced on Monday that it would continue to oppose the cloning of human embryos for research despite calls for more research into its benefits."
Babies at risk of being 'commodities', says Lord Winstonby Simon CollinsNew Zealand HeraldSeptember 2nd, 2004Lord Robert Winston, one of the chief pioneers of in vitro fertilization, expresses concern that PGD for tissue typing "raise[s] important questions about whether society might be at risk of allowing babies to be used as commodities."
Singapore bans cloningReutersSeptember 2nd, 2004A new Singapore law prohibits reproductive cloning while permitting research cloning, but only with significant oversight.
Scientists call for UN compromise on cloningby Tim Radford, science editorThe Guardian (UK)August 30th, 2004Britain's leading scientists today urge the United Nations to ban cloning of babies but leave open the door for cloning of embryo stem cells as treatments for so-far incurable illnesses.
Ethics Panel Head Calls for Loosening Cloning Ban (Germany)Deutche WelleAugust 19th, 2004The chairman of Germany's National Ethics Committee, Spiros Simitis, has called on Berlin to revisit the debate over the country's ban on therapeutic cloning. But the members of his committee fail to find unity.
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