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Australia Bans All Human CloningGenetic CrossroadsSeptember 18th, 2002
Women's Health and the Cloning Debateby Elayne CliftWomens Feature Service September 16th, 2002
Missed Message: Deeper Analysis of the President’s Council on Bioethics ReportGenetic CrossroadsJuly 11th, 2002
The Science and Politics of Genetically Modified Humansby Richard HayesWorldwatchJuly 1st, 2002Will new genetic technologies be carefully controlled for their benefits—or will they inadvertently destroy civil society? Say hello to the post-human ideology.
The New Eugenicsby Michael DorseyWorld WatchJune 30th, 2002
Congress Debates Cloning's Two Branchesby Tom Abate San Francisco ChronicleJune 17th, 2002
Break the Cloning Deadlockby Richard HayesChristian Science MonitorJune 10th, 2002After a year of intense debate, the US Senate is set to vote on human cloning. Is there a way to break this deadlock? Yes, but it will require of both sides a realization of what is at stake and a willingness to compromise.
It's worth copying Canada's model for cloning legislationby Richard HayesSeattle TimesJune 3rd, 2002The United States should take the Canadian experience to heart. A broad and informed debate is essential if we are to realize the best and avoid the worst that the new genetic technologies have to offer. We cannot afford to do less on a matter of such consequence.
Towards a Global Bioethic?Prepared for the Franco-German Forum, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin,by Herr Joschka FischerJune 3rd, 2002
Inside the Very Strange World of Billionaire John Sperlingby Melanie WarnerFortuneApril 29th, 2002
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