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June 29, 2006 Newsletter

Genetic Crossroads
June 29th, 2006

A Decade After DollyGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2006Ten years ago this summer, the world’s first cloned mammal was born. The lamb named 6LL3—soon to become famous as “Dolly”—was created from the DNA of an adult sheep by a team of veterinary researchers, led by Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell, at the Roslin Institute in Scotland.
CGS Authors Stem Cell Report Published by The Century FoundationGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2006
Progressive Values and Stem Cell Research at Take Back AmericaGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2006
California Stem Cell Missteps ContinueGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2006
California Bill on Eggs for Research Approved by Assembly CommitteeGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2006
Transhumanists Declare the “Right” to be Super-HumanGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2006A group that advocates using genetic and other technologies to transform human beings into “posthumans” with new and expanded abilities held a conference May 26-28 titled “Human Enhancement Technologies and Human Rights.” The event was organized by the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies at Stanford Law School.
CGS NewsGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2006
Other NewsGenetic CrossroadsJune 29th, 2006


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