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January 7, 2001 Newsletter

Genetic Crossroads
January 7th, 2001

EDITORS' NOTEGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001
E Magazine Cover Story: "Designing People"Genetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001
Disabled Peoples International Statement on Human GeneticsGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001The European contingent of Disabled Peoples International (DPI Europe) released a position statement in November on the new human genetics.
French Best-Selling Novel Celebrates a Post-Human FutureGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001The new literary-artistic embrace of the techno-eugenic vision continues with publication in English of the 1998 French bestseller The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq.
Two New Techniques Developed for Producing "Designer Sperm"Genetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001
Bill Prohibiting Human Cloning Introduced in TexasGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001
Flood of Responses to Watson's Genetic DeterminismGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001
Eduardo Kac on Transgenic Animals as ArtGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001Kac is a Chicago Art Institute professor who persuaded French geneticists to produce a rabbit that glows in the dark by injecting rabbit zygotes with a fluorescent protein gene derived from jellyfish.
UPCOMING EVENTSGenetic CrossroadsJanuary 7th, 2001


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