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Monkey see, monkey glow[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]by Tom AbateGlobal PostJune 2nd, 2009Altered primates bring inherited genetic modification closer to humans.
Modified Marmoset in the Mediaby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesMay 29th, 2009American media coverage of genetically modified primates was remarkably thin, and few articles mentioned social and ethical implications
Glowing Green Monkeys Illustrate Important but Controversial Advanceby Rob SteinWashington PostMay 28th, 2009Scientists have created the first genetically modified monkeys that can pass their new genetic attributes to their offspring
Public interest group urges caution in response to genetically modified primatesCenter for Genetics and Society calls for scientists, policymakers to reject human inheritable genetic modificationMay 27th, 2009The Center for Genetics and Society today said that the creation of a transgenic marmoset underlines the need for scientists and policy makers to reject human inheritable genetic modification.
Libertarians Diss Democracyby Marcy DarnovskyBiopolitical TimesMay 14th, 2009Transhumanists put their disdain for democracy in writing.
Fluorescent puppy is world's first transgenic dog by Ewen CallawayNew ScientistApril 23rd, 2009Five beagles who produce a fluorescent protein are the world's first transgenic dogs.
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill 2008A Commentaryby David KingApril 15th, 2009The director of Human Genetics Alert offers an analysis of the UK's new law governing human genetic and reproductive technologies.
There's no success like failure ...by Pete ShanksBiopolitical TimesFebruary 6th, 2009Another attempt to clone an extinct species has failed, but been widely hailed as a success. Many more have been and are being considered.
From cellular reprogramming to human genetic modificationby Jesse ReynoldsBiopolitical TimesJanuary 30th, 2009While reprogrammed iPS cells may resolve quandaries about embryo destruction, they could also be a path towards human genetic modification
Designer Babies: Ethical? Inevitable?Quotes CGS's Richard Hayesby Robert Roy Britt, Editorial DirectorLiveScienceJanuary 11th, 2009
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