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Center For Genetics And Society
December 22, 2008
arrow Next Steps for Progressive Stem Cell Politics
arrow Genetic Engineering Limits - A Planet Reponds
arrow Eggs, Wombs and the Economy: Hard Times Fuel a Buyers’ Market
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Next Steps for Progressive Stem Cell Politics
by Marcy Darnovsky, Science Progress
In the wake of the Bush administration’s policies, we will have the political space to craft a pro-research stand that simultaneously highlights the need for consistent and enforceable regulation, for hope without hype, and for developing human biotechnologies according to principles of social justice and human rights.
Genetic Engineering Limits - A Planet Responds
by Richard Hayes, The Cutting Edge News
The rapid development of powerful new human biotechnologies raises precisely the sort of questions that intergovernmental institutions are positioned to address. The encouraging news is that many have already begun taking steps to address these biotechnologies, and broad areas of at least implicit agreement are evident.
Eggs, Wombs and the Economy: Hard Times Fuel a Buyers’ Market
by Marcy Darnovsky
The economic crisis has created a surge in the number of women seeking cash by providing eggs or carrying surrogate pregnancies for other people.
This Year’s Stocking Stuffers
by Osagie Obasogie
What do you give the people on your holiday shopping list who have everything? Themselves!

The Latest from Biopolitical Times

Birds of a Feather
by Jesse Reynolds
In what may just be a match made in heaven, two controversial cloning-based stem cell research companies have formed a joint venture.
Bizarre Cloners and Serious Questions
by Marcy Darnovsky
Obligatory puns notwithstanding, cloning - of humans, animals, and embryos for stem cells - is no laughing matter.
Nature Makes News
by Pete Shanks
Nature has published a Commentary that advocates the use of "cognitive-enhancing drugs."
The rich are different from you and me: Yes, they hire surrogates
by Jesse Reynolds
The cover story of last week's New York Times Sunday Magazine addresses the issue of the commercialization of assisted reproduction in a manner that is simultaneously bluntly honest and painfully naive.
Time to Put Research Cloning on the Back Burner
by Marcy Darnovsky
There is a lot of magical thinking going on about SCNT, but most of it has originated with advocates of cloning-based stem cell research who have irresponsibly hyped SCNT as an imminent miracle cure.
Hotline for Eugenics Victims
by Pete Shanks
North Carolina has set up a toll-free number for survivors of the state's eugenic program.
DNA Databases: Another Human Rights Violation in the U.S. Criminal Justice System?
by Osagie K. Obasogie
A ruling last week out of the European Court of Human Rights suggests that the US might be engaging in a human rights violation by collecting and retaining DNA profiles from arrestees never convicted of a crime.
Women's health group launches campaign on risks of drug used in egg retrieval
by Marcy Darnovsky
Thousands of adverse reactions have been reported to the FDA. But neither the agency nor Lupron's manufacturer have indicated any interest in investigating.
CIRM won't give up on eggs for cloning-based work
by Jesse Reynolds
The California stem cell research agency indicates that it will continue its recent push for women's eggs for cloning-based stem cell research, perhaps paying if necessary.

Holiday Schedule

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Happy holidays from the Center for Genetics and Society, and best wishes for a new and exciting year!

Other News

Obama policy a lift for stem cell researchers
[ Quotes CGS's Jesse Reynolds ]

by Bernadette Tansey, San Francisco Chronicle
What is potential economic impact in California of the lifting of the restrictions on the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research?
New Rule Expands DNA Collection to All People Arrested
by Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post
Immigration and civil liberties groups condemned a new U.S. government policy to collect DNA samples from all noncitizens detained by authorities and all people arrested for federal crimes.
Klein Will Get Paid to Head CIRM
by Ron Leuty, San Francisco Business Times
The board of California's stem cell agency has voted to start paying a salary of $150,000 for half-time work to Chairman Robert Klein, who has served unpaid since the institute began four years ago.
Rent-a-Womb Is Where Market Logic Leads
by Thomas Frank, Wall Street Journal
Massive inequality, we have learned, isn't the best way to run an economy after all. Some people haven't received the memo. Take Alex Kuczynski, author of the New York Times Magazine cover story, which tells how she went about hiring another woman to bear her child.
Fertility Drugs Increase Cancer Risk
by Alison Motluk Celeste Biever, New Scientist
Drugs designed to induce ovulation seem to have increased the risk of uterine cancer in a group of women who were treated with them over 30 years ago. The finding emphasizes the need to monitor more women who are treated with them.
Ova Time: Women Line Up To Donate Eggs -- for Money
by Melinda Beck, Wall Street Journal
Here's another sign of the tough economic times: Some clinics are reporting a surge in the number of women applying to donate eggs or serve as surrogate mothers for infertile couples.
Experts Urge Wider Use of Brain-boosting Drugs
by Bernadette Tansey, San Francisco Chronicle
Brain research is accelerating, and a new era of "cognitive enhancement" - the use of brain-stimulating drugs and devices by healthy people - is approaching.

Salary Plan at Stem Cell Institute Is Criticized:
Governor cites state deficit in oppsoing leader's pay

by Terri Somers, Union Tribune
With the state facing a possible $28 billion deficit, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed “deep concern” about the state stem cell institute's plans to set the salaries for the chairman and vice chairman of its board, two positions for which no one has accepted pay in three years.
A Call for a New Federal Embryonic Stem Cell Research Agenda
by Rick Weiss, Center for American Progress
The incoming Obama administration will soon have the opportunity to reassert U.S. scientific leadership in two of the most exciting and promising fields of biomedical research - embryonic stem cell science and regenerative medicine.
Couples in US Prefer to Donate Embryos for Research, Study Finds
McClatchy Newspapers
The debate over embryonic stem cell research centres on the sanctity of life. But the couples who create the leftover embryos would rather they be destroyed in the course of scientific research than be given a chance at becoming babies.