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Passage Of Stem Cell Bill Spotlights Need For Federal OversightJuly 18th, 2006The lack of comprehensive federal oversight of stem cell research and other human biotechnologies has created a glaring regulatory vacuum.
A closer look at stem cell policy goes beyond the standard debatehttp://tcf.org/publications/pdfs/pb566/Stemcellbasics.pdfJune 27th, 2006Century Foundation and Center for Genetics and Society report sheds new light on stem cell policy
Public Interest Groups Call for "Needed Balance" on Stem Cell Research Oversight CommitteeMay 24th, 2006
Letter to National Academies Regarding Balance on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Advisory CommitteeMay 22nd, 2006
Proposed Policies for the California Stem Cell Program Leave GapsFebruary 9th, 2006
Public interest group gives the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine poor grades for its performanceThe Center for Genetics and Society releases progress report calling for effective oversight and responsible researchThe Center for Genetics and SocietyJanuary 18th, 2006The Center for Genetics and Society (CGS), a public interest and advocacy group, today released a comprehensive progress report critically evaluating the first year of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the agency running California's new multi-billion dollar stem cell research program. The report assesses the CIRM's performance, assigns grades in key areas, and offers specific policy recommendations. The overall grade it assigns for the CIRM's first year is C-.
Resignation of controversial Stem Cell leader highlights need for regulation and oversight of stem cell researchNovember 30th, 2005
California Stem Cell Research Leader Misled VotersNews reports say that chair of new state agency was aware of the billion-dollar problem during the campaignOctober 25th, 2005
New Stem Cell Research Techniques Fail To Address Troubling QuestionsKey issues unconnected to embryos are still missing from the stem cell debateOctober 17th, 2005
State stem cell program moving too fastGoverning board is also failing to fulfill its promises of health benefits and financial returns for the state, says Center for Genetics and SocietySeptember 8th, 2005


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