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New Home Test for Sex of an Embryo at Six Weeks Raises Concerns“Pink or Blue ® Gender Test” likely to lead to increase in sex selection, says public interest groupMay 4th, 2007A new home-based test for expectant mothers allows them to learn the sex of their embryo as early as at six weeks of pregnancy, claims the British manufacturer, DNA Worldwide. This will likely lead to an increase in sex selection, according to the Center for Genetics and Society, a public interest group.
Stem cell vote in the SenateEffort to circumvent the culture wars puts women’s health at riskApril 11th, 2007Public interest group says amendment could encourage questionable research that requires women’s eggs
Public Interest Group Calls for California Stem Cell Agency to Investigate its Controversial GrantMarch 22nd, 2007Lawsuit alleges fertility center director lied to obtain woman’s eggs; foreign corporation’s eligibility for public funds due to its recently established non-profit California subsidiary
Public Interest Group Welcomes Bill to Ensure Stem Cell Institute’s PromisesFebruary 23rd, 2007Center for Genetics and Society says California agency must provide for affordable treatments and returns to the state
Vote on Stem Cell Research Spotlights Need for Federal OversightJanuary 10th, 2007The stem cell research bill that is expected to pass the House of Representatives tomorrow is a welcome sign of significant bipartisan support on an issue that until now has been divisive. However, bipartisan support poses challenges for research advocates.
Stem Cell Research in the Midterm ElectionsNovember 8th, 2006Stem cell research was again a contentious and high-profile topic in this year’s elections, but in most races its effectiveness – as a wedge issue for Democrats or a get-out-the-base issue for Republicans – remains unclear.
California Enacts Law to Reduce Risks to Women Who Provide Eggs For Stem Cell ResearchSeptember 26th, 2006The signing of SB 1260, the Reproductive Health and Research bill, is a victory for women's health. The provisions of the new law will reduce the risks to women who provide eggs for cloning techniques used in stem cell research.
Gov. Schwarzenegger missed opportunity to establish oversight of California’s stem cell agencyJuly 20th, 2006Along with public funding should come public oversight. Instead, the Governor gave CIRM a blank check.
Passage Of Stem Cell Bill Spotlights Need For Federal OversightJuly 18th, 2006The lack of comprehensive federal oversight of stem cell research and other human biotechnologies has created a glaring regulatory vacuum.
A closer look at stem cell policy goes beyond the standard debatehttp://tcf.org/publications/pdfs/pb566/Stemcellbasics.pdfJune 27th, 2006Century Foundation and Center for Genetics and Society report sheds new light on stem cell policy


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