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Stem-Cell Research Off to Slow Start in CaliforniaNPR Morning EditionMarch 23rd, 2005This audio segment explores two issues facing California's new stem cell research program: the reform proposal form the state Senate, and two lawsuits which seek to halt the program entirely.
Chairman rejects stem cell changes: Open meetings, salary caps sought for oversight boardby Laura MecoySacramento BeeMarch 22nd, 2005"The chairman of the state stem cell agency's oversight board rejected every point in a petition [from Charles Halpern and Philip Lee] seeking more open meetings, stricter conflict-of-interest rules and salary caps at California's new research institute."
Opinion: To create, or not to create?by Bernadine Healy, M.D.US News and World ReportMarch 21st, 2005Columnist Bernadine Healy: "What has made the United States such fertile ground for expanding embryo research is not its liberal laws but the lack of them."
Response from Robert Klein to Lee-Halpern Petitionby Robertk KleinMarch 18th, 2005
Editorial: Why invite intervention? Stem cell panel should reform on its ownSacramento BeeMarch 18th, 2005"These [proposed] basic requirements should have been written into Proposition 71 from the start... The Ortiz-Runner amendment is an important step in that direction."
Senators launch campaign to amend stem cell programby Paul EliasAssociated PressMarch 16th, 2005Two state Senators have proposed a package to reform Proposition 71, including opening meetings of working groups, strong provisions against conflicts of interest, a moratorium on egg harvesting, and more.
Critics of Proposition 71 Welcome Reform ProposalCenter for Genetics and Society, Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research support proposal by Sens. Ortiz and RunnerMarch 16th, 2005
Quick end sought on stem cell lawsuitsby Laura MecoySacramento BeeMarch 15th, 2005"California's new stem cell research program can't sell bonds or issue grants until two lawsuits challenging its constitutionality are resolved, the state attorney general told the California Supreme Court on Monday."
Editorial: Stay alert if you want to bask in the sunshineSacramento BeeMarch 15th, 2005The "trend toward quasi-public control of state tax dollars and resources is disturbing. Sadly, it received a huge boost last year when voters approved Proposition 71."
Cloning Sparks Concern Over Egg Donorsby Paul EliasAssociated PressMarch 10th, 2005"Of all the questions about California's ambitious plans to publicly finance human cloning projects for medical research, one of the thorniest may be how scientists plan to gather the thousands of eggs they'll need from women."
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