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Californians Aware, Greenlining Institute, California Nurses Association, CalPIRG, and Redefining Progress Support Lee-Halpern Petition on Ethical Stem Cell ResearchPublic Interest Groups Call on California Stem Cell Institute to Adopt Reforms Requested in Petition by Former US Assistant Secretary for Health and Public Interest AttorneyFebruary 28th, 2005
Suits Filed to Stop Stem Cell Instituteby Paul EliasAssociated PressFebruary 23rd, 2005"Politically conservative public interest groups filed lawsuits Tuesday seeking to invalidate the $3 billion stem cell research funding institution California voters approved in November."
New criticism for stem cell program: Public health expert calls for more public oversight, lower salariesby Carl T. HallSan Francisco ChronicleFebruary 18th, 2005"Dr. Philip R. Lee, a consulting professor at Stanford University and former UCSF chancellor who [worked] for the Johnson and Clinton administrations, signed onto a legal petition to protest some of the early activities of the CIRM."
Pet Clones Spur Call For Limits[Quotes CGS's Richard Hayes]by Rick WeissWashington PostFebruary 17th, 2005Clone a cat, go to jail -- or at least pay a fine. That is the goal of animal welfare activists who announced yesterday that they are seeking state and federal restrictions on the small but growing pet-cloning industry.
Petition for rule-making filed with California's new stem cell agency by Philip Lee and Charles HalpernFormer US Assistant Secretary for Health and public interest attorney propose rules on conflict of interest, salaries, and open processesFebruary 16th, 2005
Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights Supports Lee-Halpern Petition by Jerry FlanaganFebruary 16th, 2005
Greenlining Institute Supports Lee-Halpern Petition Support For Diversity and Compensation Issues Raised in the Lee-Halpern Petition by the Greenlining Instituteby Robert GnaizdaFebruary 16th, 2005
Petition of Philip R. Lee, MD, and Charles Halpern, JD, to the Independent Citizen's Oversight Committee of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicineby Philip R. Lee and Charles HalpernFebruary 16th, 2005
Critics of California's new stem cell agency support Lee-Halpern petitionCenter for Genetics and Society, Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research agree with petition of former US Assistant Secretary for Health, public interest attorneyFebruary 16th, 2005
A Struggling Science Experiment: States Closely Watch California's Stem Cell Research Initiativeby Ariana Eunjung ChaWashington PostFebruary 13th, 2005While other states are taking steps to replicate California's new stem cell agency, its critics have highlighted significant shortcomings.
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