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Pay for head of stem cell agency too high, some sayby Keli SenkevichCalifornia AggieApril 1st, 2005The interim president for the newly established stem cell agency will earn $389,004 a year, a salary comparable to UC medical school deans. However, some have voiced concern over the new president's salary, criticizing it as too high.
Stem cell allies divided over egg collectionby Laura MecoySacramento BeeMarch 27th, 2005California Senator Deborah Ortiz, a supporter of Proposition 71, has now proposed a package to reform the stem cell research program, including a three year moratorium on multiple egg extractions for research.
Proposed Legislation Threatens to Slow California Stem Cell Rushby Jon CohenScienceMarch 25th, 2005"[L]egislation introduced in the state senate last week may significantly constrain the way that the new California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) conducts business."
Cell Out: Management issues plague distribution of $3 billion in state stem cell research fundsby Idan IvriLos Angeles City BeatMarch 24th, 2005California's Proposition 71 "has unleashed more competitive maneuvering than many anticipated, with signs that the state body created by the measure is now the personal fiefdom of the man behind the proposition, Robert Klein."
State Supreme Court refuses to hear challenge to stem cell research programby Bob EgelkoSan Francisco ChronicleMarch 24th, 2005"The state Supreme Court rejected requests Wednesday by opponents of California's $3 billion stem cell program -- and by the committee that oversees the program -- to rule on the legality of the research initiative approved by voters in November."
Lawsuits and logistics tie up California_s stem-cell fundsby Peter AldhousNatureMarch 23rd, 2005"Biologists anticipating a stem-cell gold rush in California will have to wait a little longer, as a string of setbacks is slowing the state_s plans to jump-start such research."
Stem-Cell Research Off to Slow Start in CaliforniaNPR Morning EditionMarch 23rd, 2005This audio segment explores two issues facing California's new stem cell research program: the reform proposal form the state Senate, and two lawsuits which seek to halt the program entirely.
Chairman rejects stem cell changes: Open meetings, salary caps sought for oversight boardby Laura MecoySacramento BeeMarch 22nd, 2005"The chairman of the state stem cell agency's oversight board rejected every point in a petition [from Charles Halpern and Philip Lee] seeking more open meetings, stricter conflict-of-interest rules and salary caps at California's new research institute."
Opinion: To create, or not to create?by Bernadine Healy, M.D.US News and World ReportMarch 21st, 2005Columnist Bernadine Healy: "What has made the United States such fertile ground for expanding embryo research is not its liberal laws but the lack of them."
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