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Opinion: Reality behind the researchby Daniel ShaywitzWashington PostApril 29th, 2005Daniel Shaywitz, a Harvard endocrinologist and stem cell researcher, cautions against hyping stem cell research.
Editorial: Rx for IntegritySacramento BeeApril 29th, 2005"Weak standards in California are attracting scientists who don't want to deal with new ethics standards in Washington. This wasn't the magnet effect voters envisioned when they approved Proposition 71."
Stem cell guidelines get mixed reception: Critics say voluntary rules are too laxby Edie LauSacramento BeeApril 27th, 2005A "committee of the National Academies on Tuesday issued voluntary guidelines for human embryonic stem cell studies... The recommendations fell short, however, of some critics' hopes for more vigorous oversight."
Conflict-of-Interest Issues Getting Public, Legislative Attention in Stem Cell Initiative[Quotes CGS's Marcy Darnovsky]April 22nd, 2005Conflict-of-interest issues for the committee overseeing California’s $3 billion pool for stem cell research are the focus of a watchdog group’s study and pending legislation in the California Senate.
Moratorium dropped from stem cell planby Laura MecoySacramento BeeApril 22nd, 2005"[California] Sen. Deborah Ortiz has abandoned plans to seek a three-year moratorium on multiple egg extractions for embryonic stem cell studies and other research."
Stem-cell research clashes: Senate panel raises bar on conflict-of-interest rulesby Laura KurtzmanSan Jose Mercury NewsApril 21st, 2005"A proposal to enact stricter conflict-of-interest rules on stem-cell research funded by Proposition 71 sailed out of a Senate committee Wednesday, over the objections of stem-cell advocates who say the rules will alienate the best scientists."
Charles Halpern Letter regarding proposed reforms to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine by Charles HalpernApril 20th, 2005
Letters from CGS and the Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research regarding proposed reforms to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicineby Marcy Darnovsky and Susan Berke FogelApril 20th, 2005
Supporters of Bans on Cloned and Genetically Modified PetsApril 18th, 2005AB 1428, the California bill to ban commercial pet cloning and genetic modification, was supported by a coalition known as Californians Against Pet Cloning (CAPC).
Learning From California's Mistakeby Richard HayesTomPaine.comApril 18th, 2005
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