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Editorial: Maintain the pressureSacramento BeeJune 8th, 2005"California's Senate now has the choice of killing or saving a measure to provide some accountability over the state's $3 billion stem cell research institute."
State's stem cell board opposes proposal for increased oversightby Carl T. HallSan Francisco ChronicleJune 7th, 2005"Directors of the California Proposition 71 stem cell program met with state lawmakers Monday in hopes of scuttling a proposal to put stem cells back in front of the California electorate as soon as November ..."
Stem cell issues near a boilby Laura MecoySacramento BeeJune 6th, 2005Laura Mecoy summarizes the challanges and issues facing California's new stem cell program: a lawsuit filed by conservative opponents, a reform proposal in the Senate, and "a controversial new way to finance the agency until the legal battles are over."
Editorial: No compromise on stem cell research conflictsSacramento BeeMay 29th, 2005The Sac Bee asserts that Sen. Deborah Ortiz "is giving up too much.... With $3 billion at stake and a chance to do this right, Ortiz and the Senate should put the public interest first."
Editorial: Stem cell compromiseSacramento BeeMay 26th, 2005The Sac Bee recommends specific policies for California's stem cell program to adopt in order to avert legislative intervention.
Editorial: Stem Cell Research AccountabilityLos Angeles TimesMay 26th, 2005The LA Times editorial board, which supported Proposition 71, backs the Ortiz-Runner reforms of California's stem cell research program.
Moral Values Come to the Bay Areaby Chris ThompsonEast Bay ExpressMay 25th, 2005Following November's election, right-wing Christians are increasingly bringing the fight here to the East Bay.
Stem-cell oversight bill is criticizedby Steve JohnsonSan Jose Mercury NewsMay 24th, 2005"The board overseeing California's new $3 billion stem-cell institute on Monday denounced a bill in the Legislature intended to strengthen state oversight of the program, claiming the measure would cripple its research and its ability to help the sick."
Editorial: Rogue operatorSacramento BeeMay 22nd, 2005The California stem cell research "institute's oversight board needs to demonstrate some oversight of Klein. They also should look for ways to compromise with Ortiz, so this institute can get on with the job of finding lifesaving therapies."
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