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Stem cell institute leader in the hot seatby Terri SomersSan Diego Union-TribuneMarch 10th, 2005In a join committee hearing chaired by State Sen. Deborah Ortiz, legislators "cordially" grilled interim CIRM president Zach Hall over a range of issues, including closed meetings, conflicts of interests, and intellectual property.
Testimony on Stem Cell Research Oversight to California State Senate Oversight Hearing on the Implementation of Proposition 71, the Stem Cell Research and Cures Act by Marcy Darnovsky, PhD, Associate Director, Center for Genetics and SocietyMarch 9th, 2005
Testimony of Charles Halpern, Public Interest Attorney and Member, Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of SciencesOversight Hearing on the Implementation of Proposition 71, the Stem Cell Research and Cures Act Joint Hearing of the California Senate Subcommittee on Stem Cell Research Oversight, Senate Health Committee, and Assembly Health Committeeby Charles HalpernTestimony to California Senate SubcommitteeMarch 9th, 2005
Editorial: State ScienceWashington PostMarch 8th, 2005"There is a risk, in Maryland as in California, that the [state stem cell programs] could be hijacked by a small group of insiders whose main interest is funding their own research."
Unregulated Stem Cell Research May Put Women's Health At RiskPro-Choice Groups Will Raise Concerns about an Expanding Market for Women's Eggs at March 9 Senate-Assembly Committee HearingMarch 7th, 2005
Editorial: Cell breakSacramento BeeMarch 6th, 2005"Robert Klein II, the self-appointed czar of California's quasi-public, $3 billion stem cell research program, is facing serious challenges these days.... [ The program] must be committed to sound science, public deliberation and complete transparency."
Objections greet interim leader of stem cell projectby Terri SomersSan Diego Union-TribuneMarch 2nd, 2005"Zach W. Hall stepped into controversy yesterday when he was hired as the interim president of California's fledgling stem cell institute. Several watchdog groups questioned the $389,004 salary Hall will receive for the one-year job..."
Response to Lee-Halpern Petition at March 1, 2005 ICOC meetingMarch 1st, 2005
Californians Aware, Greenlining Institute, California Nurses Association, CalPIRG, and Redefining Progress Support Lee-Halpern Petition on Ethical Stem Cell ResearchPublic Interest Groups Call on California Stem Cell Institute to Adopt Reforms Requested in Petition by Former US Assistant Secretary for Health and Public Interest AttorneyFebruary 28th, 2005
Suits Filed to Stop Stem Cell Instituteby Paul EliasAssociated PressFebruary 23rd, 2005"Politically conservative public interest groups filed lawsuits Tuesday seeking to invalidate the $3 billion stem cell research funding institution California voters approved in November."
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