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Jonathan Chernoguz, is currently an undergraduate at UC Berkeley majoring in political economy and minoring in public policy.  He has been interested in the history of eugenics since learning about the movement in high school and has worked to incorporate a lesson on the history of eugenics in California, with specific attention to coercive sterilization, into the state's high school curriculum.

CGS Website Reboot: Seeking Your Feedback by Jonathan ChernoguzFebruary 11th, 2016Please fill out a quick survey to let us know how we can best improve CGS’s online presence.
Coming Up at CGS in 2016by Jonathan ChernoguzBiopolitical TimesJanuary 14th, 2016A roundup of biopolitical resources, recent and upcoming biopolitical events, and a job opening at the Center for Genetics and Society.
The Facts Behind #CRISPRfacts and the Hype Behind CRISPRby Jonathan ChernoguzBiopolitical TimesJuly 28th, 2015WIRED's hyped CRISPR cover article triggered a wave of tweets and criticism.
First Federal Bill to Acknowledge US Eugenics Would Help Victims of State Sterilization Programsby Jonathan ChernoguzBiopolitical TimesJuly 8th, 2015If passed, it would be the first federal legislation to recognize the history of sterilization abuse that took place during the twentieth century in the name of eugenics.
High School Resourcesby Jonathan ChernoguzJuly 7th, 2015A page of recommended books, articles, films, and short videos about biopolitics and bioethics, with high school students in mind.
No Más Bebés: A Documentary on the Sterilizations of Latina Mothers at an LA County Hospital by Jonathan ChernoguzBiopolitical TimesJune 15th, 2015During the late 1960s and early 1970s, some women who went to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center to deliver their babies went home without the ability to have children again.
The Scope of Eugenics: A Workshopby Jonathan ChernoguzBiopolitical TimesMay 27th, 2015The four-day workshop, organized by the Edmonton-based Living Archives Project on Eugenics in Western Canada, brought together early-career scholars interested in eugenics to discuss historical models and forms of "Newgenics."
FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancementby Jonathan ChernoguzBiopolitical TimesNovember 12th, 2014The documentary produced and directed by Regan Brashear is receiving a new round of well-deserved positive attention around the world.
Why We Should Teach the History of Eugenicsby Jonathan ChernoguzBiopolitical TimesOctober 28th, 2014Two prominent universities have launched initiatives to focus on the history of eugenics.


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