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Genetic Crossroads
August 21st, 2008

Now, They Go Abroad for Made-to-Order Son
Local docs help affluent couples in Maharashtra beat the law
by Mayank Tewari, Daily News and Analysis
The Indian state of Maharashtra is losing its daughters to sons pre-selected at in vitro fertilisation (IVF) laboratories abroad and delivered in India.

Finding the Golden Genes
by Patrick Barry, ScienceNews
Advances in gene therapy could tempt some athletes to enhance their genetic makeup, leading some researchers to work on detection methods just in case.

Geron, Exeter Affiliates Merge to Create Livestock Cloning Shop
Geron and Exeter Life Sciences said today that Start Licensing, a joint venture between the two firms, and ViaGen, a subsidiary of Exeter, have merged to form a new entity that will focus on animal cloning.

South Korea Gov't to Compensate Egg Donors
KBS World Radio
The government will draw up a bill to compensate people who provide their eggs for fertility treatment.

Irish Head to Europe for Egg Donation
by Gabrielle Monaghan, The Sunday Times
Hundreds of Irishwomen are travelling to clinics across the Continent to receive IVF treatment using eggs provided from young European women, taking advantage of cheaper treatment, shorter waiting lists and a more plentiful supply of donors at clinics in Spain, the Czech Republic, and Crete.

Here, Blue Still Wins Over Pink
by Radhika Oberoi, The Times of India
If the child sex ratio of India is anything to go by, a baby boy is still the preferred progeny. The dismal sex ratio trends are a telling comment on an educated society that refuses to rid itself of its regressive male bias.

Dolly's Creator Moves Away from Cloning and Embryonic Stem Cells and Is It Time to Give Up on Therapeutic Cloning?
by Sally Lehrman, Scientific American
Like many stem cell pioneers, Ian Wilmut, the creator of Dolly the sheep, has jumped to an alternative approach. Is this the beginning of the end for research cloning?

Disgraced Clone Expert Barred from Work
The West Australian
South Korea will not allow disgraced cloning expert Hang Woo-suk to resume human stem cell research. Hwang's request was turned down by the country's national committee on bioethics.

Scientists: Egg Shortage Hurts Stem Cell Research
by Marcus Wohlsen, Associated Press
[Quotes CGS' Marcy Darnovsky] Critics of cloning-based stem cell research say its promise is outweighed by the potential harm to women, a view that has prevailed among regulators. And there's a promising new approach to stem cell research that doesn't require eggs at all.

Reproductive Tourism a Growing Worry, Experts Say
by Michael Kahn, Reuters
Fertility experts say they must tackle a growing problem of reproductive tourism that puts women and babies at risk.

Calif. State Senator Vows to Push Life-Sci Bill Without More Stem-Cell Amendments
by Alex Philippidis, BioRegion News
[Quotes CGS' Jesse Reynolds] California state Senator, Sheila Kuehl, authored a governance and drug-access bill opposed by the state's stem-cell agency.

What You Should Know Before You Spit Into That Test Tube
by Rick Weiss, Washington Post
Genetic testing may have saved this man's life. But a closer look suggests that this fast-growing industry, with its snazzy Web-based come-ons, could benefit from some temperance and independent oversight.

Experts Fear Potential Abuses of Genetic Screening
by Beth Whitehouse, Newsday
Will parents use embryo selection technology to select a child's characteristics the way you can pick the options on a car?


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