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Agenda of the Symposium on Science, Ethics and Society: The 25th Anniversary of the Asilomar Conference

Genetic Crossroads
February 28th, 2000


OPENING SESSION: The Path to Asilomar and the Road Beyond
Welcome: Alexander Capron, University of Southern California

ote: Scientific Responsibility, Public Accountability
Donald Fredrickson, Former Director, NIH

Commentators: What Did the Asilomar Exercise Accomplish, and What Did
it Leave Undone?
Paul Berg, Stanford University; Sheldon Krimsky, Tufts; Robert
Sinsheimer, UC Santa Barbara; Maxine Singer, Carnegie Institution;
Stephen Stitch, Rutgers University; Hans G. Zachau, University of Munich

SESSION II: The Public: Alerted, Educated, Unduly Alarmed?
Reporting Recombinant DNA: Asilomar and the Press
Nicholas Wade, N.Y. Times

Commentators: Asilomar and the Media
R. Pierre DuMaine, former Bishop of San Jose; Dorothy Nelkin, New York
University; Charles Weiner, MIT


SESSION III: Contending with Contemporary Issues in Light of the
Accomplishments and Shortcomings of Asilomar

A. Genetically Modified Organisms
Presenter: Peggy Lemauz, U.C. Berkeley

Commentators: Rebecca Eisenberg, University of Michigan; Willy de Greef,
Novartis; Rebecca Goldburg, Environmental Defense Fund ; Julian
Kinderler, University of Sheffield ; Peter Starlinger, University of
Cologne; Ulrich Trohler, University of Freiburg

B. Genomics: Genes, Human Diversity, and Ownership
Presenter: Aravinda Chakravarti, Case Western Reserve University

Commentators: John Barton, Stanford Law School; Troy Duster, New York
University; Henry Greely, Stanford University ; Michael Kaback, UC
San Diego; Margaret Lock, McGill University; Alex Mauron, Unite de
Recherche en Bioethique, Geneva

C. Somatic and Germline Gene Therapy
Presenter: Inder Verma, Salk Institute

Commentators: Paul Billings, Heart of Texas Health Care System;
David Magnus, University of Pennsylvania; Parris Burd, Maxygen;
Arno Motulsky, University of Washington Medical School; Anders
Nordgren, Uppsala University; Alan Schechter, National Institutes
of Health; LeRoy Walters, Kennedy Institute of Ethics; Susan Wolf,
University of Minnesota Law School


CLOSING SESSION: Asilomar, Then and Now: What Roles for Scientists,
the Press, Policymakers, and the Public-at-Large?
Chair: David Baltimore, California Institute of Technology

Daniel Kevles, California Institute of Technology; Harold Shapiro,
Princeton University & Chair, National Bioethics Advisory Commission;
Philip Sharp, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Daniel Singer,
former General Counsel, Federation of American Scientists; Lana
Skirboll, National Institutes of Health


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