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Genetic Crossroads
July 11th, 2003

Jesse Reynolds, "21st Century Eugenics," TomPaine.com
(June 26)

Some respected and lauded scientists are making far-ranging
and disturbing pronouncements about engineering more perfect


Nicholas D. Kristof, "The New Eugenics," New York
(July 4)

One of the most profound and layered questions raised by recent
genetic advances is this: Do we as a species still want babies
born with genetic disabilities?


Article: Hilary and Steven Rose, "Playing God,"
Guardian (July 3)

Eggs from fetuses, artificial wombs, dead men's sperm - it's
not only the religious right who object to such "advances."


Edwin Black, War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's
Campaign to Create a Master Race
(New York: Four Walls Eight
Windows Press)

The author of IBM and the Holocaust presents this
story of America's decades-long campaign to create a white master
race through eugenics. Some 60,000 Americans were forcibly sterilized
in eugenic campaigns organized by American corporate philanthropic
organizations. The program was then transplanted to Germany
where some of these organizations and American eugenicists founded
and funded Nazi eugenics. To assemble War Against the Weak,
Black headed a team of some 50 researchers, working in dozens
of archives in four countries, and accumulating some 50,000
documents. War Against the Weak will be available September
7, 2003, and a website will soon be launched at http://www.waragainsttheweak.com.

Bioethics, from Science Fiction to Science Fact, August 29,
Toronto, Canada

Betterhumans, a website in support of the new human repro-genetic
technologies, hosts a debate between leading Canadian bioethicist
Margaret Somerville and US bioethicist James Hughes, moderated
by journalist Tim Falconer. For more information, see http://www.betterhumans.com/Events/Debating_the_Future/.


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