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Genetic Crossroads
October 2nd, 2003

"Embryo testing screens for 'designer baby'" (Sept.

Yury Verlinsky, an expert on preimplantation genetic diagnosis
(PGD), is scheduled to be a feature speaker at the Canadian
Fertility and Andrology Society's annual meeting in November,
where he will tell the country's high-tech baby-making doctors
that embryo screening should become common practice. "We
can now say this is a clinical procedure," Verlinsky says,
one that can be used to select only the best embryos for transplantation
or to screen for different genetic diseases.



"International scientific body calls for ban on human
reproductive cloning" (Sept. 22)

More than 60 science academies from every continent in the world
have called on the United Nations to adopt a ban on human reproductive
cloning. The statement was issued by the InterAcademy Panel
on International Issues (IAP), a body representing scientific
academies worldwide. In the same statement, the science academies
say that research cloning should be exempt from the ban.


"Company That Cloned Sheep To Sell Assets and Shut
Down" (Sept. 16)

Scotland's PPL Therapeutics, the spinoff of the Roslin Institute
that propelled the biotechnology industry into a new realm seven
years ago when it cloned a sheep it named Dolly, will sell its
last assets and close.



"Researchers to clone monkey" (Sept. 11)

The National Institute of Health recently awarded the Pittsburgh
Development Center a five-year grant of nearly $6.4 million,
money that will be used to fund the center's ongoing research
on the cloning of nonhuman primates.


"Adult clones in sudden death shock: Pig fatalities
highlight cloning dangers" (Aug. 27)

New fears have been raised about the health of cloned animals
after three cloned adult pigs dropped dead from heart attacks.



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