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Genetic Crossroads
December 2nd, 2004

Investigative report: Kara Platoni, "It's a Boy! We Made Sure of It," East Bay Express (Nov. 3)
This in-depth report on the growing advocacy of sex selection for social purposes draws on work by CGS staff Marcy Darnovsky and Sujatha Jesudason, among others.

Report: Paul Nightingale and Paul Martin, "The myth of the biotech revolution," Trends in Biotechnology (Vol. 22, No. 11, Nov. 2004)
"This study concludes…that the claims surrounding gene therapy have been wildly exaggerated and that it is an expensive myth." (Daily Telegraph, Oct. 31)

Poll: "Increasing Opposition to Cloning, but Greater Support for Embryonic Stem Cell Research," Virginia Commonwealth University Life Sciences Survey (Oct. 13)
"Americans are increasingly opposed to human cloning, even under limited conditions, but a slight majority of them now favor embryonic stem cell research, according to a new nationwide survey conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University."

Technology review: Rick Weiss, "Of Mice, Men and In-Between: Scientists Debate Blending Of Human, Animal Forms," Washington Post (Nov. 20)
"[W]ith no federal guidelines in place, an awkward question hovers above the work: How human must a chimera be before more stringent research rules should kick in?"

Op-ed column: Michael Cook, "Where are the ethics in brazen bioethics?" The Age (Nov. 22)
Bioethics editor Michael Cook asserts that many leading bioethicists-notably Julian Savulescu-lack the strong qualifications necessary to guide policy.

Symposium: "Humans 2.0: Will Your Grandchildren be Genetically Modified?"
Bill McKibben, author of Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered World, and Marcy Darnovsky, Associate Director of the Center for Genetics and Society, discussed the social and political implications of the new human biotechnologies on September 28 at UC Berkeley's School of Journalism.


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