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Genetic Crossroads
December 2nd, 2004

Other states follow California in stem cell funding: In the wake of the passage of the California stem cell research initiative, several states are taking steps towards public funding of stem cell research. The Illinois State Comptroller is leading an effort to place a one billion dollar proposal on the 2005 ballot. Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin, a state that is likely to benefit from the California initiative via the patents held by its state university, has announced an effort to raise $750 million in both public and private funds to support a stem cell research center.

Sperm-producing cells from mice cultured outside of body:The New York Timesreports that "[i]n a step that brings closer the possibility of making inheritable genetic changes in humans, scientists have succeeded in growing outside the body the special stem cells that direct the remarkably prolific process of sperm production." The procedure was done with mice cells, and it is unclear if it would be successful with humans.


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